Fiber Network Provider

Commercial Fiber Network Provider in Ft. Lauderdale

How angry would you get if you were trying to manage a teleconference with top business representatives from all over the world and the video feed kept going out?

This is precisely what could happen if you deploy a sub-standard network connection from the cable company or old phone line service at your business. Deploying a commercial fiber network from a local, (Ft. Lauderdale, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach) provider you’ll be sure that your business is connected to the rest of the world through the fastest network available.

Nobody likes to deal with the big, legacy, telephone and cable companies for service calls, billing or administrative issues or Salespeople!  By dealing with a local network engineering firm you can slash costs, increase network speed, and have a lot more and higher quality capacity than ever before. That’s why when you work with a company like QXC, you can trust that you’re getting the best service at the best cost.

What Makes Commercial Fiber Services Different from Residential

Throughout most of America and  Florida, most internet connections are via traditional copper coaxial (aka “coax”) cable lines. Coax is considerably slower and more problematic than fiber optic cable.

You might still hear advertisements about “high-speed internet”, but the fact is that it’s only “high-speed” relative to old dial-up service which is several generations old as of today. If you were using this metric to judge all services by, then two tin cans and a string would also be considered high-speed!

Some commercial areas are lucky enough to have advanced fiber-optic connections, but these are far and few between.  If you use online applications such as, QuickBooks Online, a VoIP phone system, etc then you need the speed and steadiness of a fiber-optic connection and eliminate the slow, choppy or sporadic network connection.

Think for a moment about how good it would be if you were using 21st-century fiber-optic technology for your Internet service, telephone and TV service to dozens of customers. This is precisely why so many Commercial Property Managers are attracting and retaining their best tenants by bringing QXC-Fiber into their buildings.

Mixed Commercial and Non-Commercial Environments

Say you owned a building and wanted to distribute internet connections to every tenant of said building. You might have a restaurant or a waiting room with a cafe downstairs that gives away free wireless service. Upstairs you might have dozens of residential apartments, each with their own networking needs.

Using an incumbent phone or cable company traditional system can result in some pretty bad service disruptions and overall poor performance from the over-saturation, shared bandwidth not to mention the security risk of their unprotected data streams.

Network design, data security, usage type (web browsing, VoIP, Video Streaming, etc) segregation, and WiFi channel planning and management are paramount to the overall success of a fiber deployment in a building and typically not provided by the traditional, incumbent, phone and cable companies.

Finding a Commercial Fiber Network Provider in Ft. Lauderdale

QXC Communications, Inc (QXC) is a network engineering firm based in SE FL. QXC provides fiber-optic and microwave/fixed-wireless methods of connectivity (Internet Access or Point-to-Point), VoIP Telephone Service, TV Service and Managed WiFi for Commercial/Business accounts, Federal/Military bases, Outdoor Event providers and HOA/Condo Associations. If you need a custom solution or simply a network provider that works better than your current provider then contact us for a free assessment.