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The Benefits of Fiber Optic Internet

If you’ve researched fiber optic internet services, you already know that fiber optic networks offer the fastest broadband speeds available today. But just how fast is fiber internet? And why are more businesses upgrading to fiber optic capabilities every day? In this post, we’ll break down five key benefits that are driving more companies to consider fiber optic to elevate day-to-day operations and take a bold step to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.

Surprising Speed

Fiber-optic internet speeds far surpass what’s possible with traditional copper Internet connections, so much so that copper cables will sooner or later become an artifact from the past. With speeds ranging anywhere from 5 Mbps to 100 Gbps, fiber optic can easily handle even the most bandwidth-intensive business operations. Even during peak use, your organization won’t notice a change in connection speeds. A recent study found that slow network speeds can cost employees up to one week of lost productivity each year. With fiber optic, you can maximize network speeds to minimize employee downtime.

High Bandwidth

Speed for the sake of speed only gets your business so far. Fiber-optic networks also have high bandwidth availability to handle peak internet traffic. That means fiber optic technology prepares your organization for growth by accommodating large userbases. Because productivity tools like video conferencing and VoIP rely on high bandwidth, fiber optic capabilities ensure that a lagging network never slows your team down again.

Cloud Capabilities

Whether your organization is already utilizing cloud resources, or you’re planning a migration soon, fiber optic internet offers the infrastructure capabilities required to get the most out of a cloud platform. The cloud allows you to store data and even run application off of servers at data centers, meaning that your team needs a rapid internet connection to get the job done. Fiber optic technology can bridge the divide between performance and connectivity to ensure that your organization is prepared to leverage the latest developments on the cloud.

Signal Range

If you’re using traditional broadband internet, you’ve probably noticed that signal strength can degrade pretty quickly as you move farther from the network switch. With fiber optics, signal strength doesn’t degrade nearly as quickly as with other legacy systems. If your operations are spread out over a large area, or you’re planning on expanding, fiber optic infrastructure can help you maximize your network capabilities at your facility.

Symmetric Speed

On top of offering the fastest internet speeds available today, fiber optic networks feature symmetric speed capabilities. On a fiber-optic network, you can expect equivalent upload and download speeds. While symmetric speed capabilities may not make or break your organization, they can make a significant difference when running intensive functions like video conferencing or cloud backups.

Fiber Optic Boca Raton

If you’re ready to take the next step towards the future of fiber, contact the experts at QXC today. We’ll work with you to clarify your goals and develop a solution optimized for your needs.