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Outdoor Event – Internet & WiFi

A special event can increase awareness of your company. You want to make a memorable, positive impression. Providing a unique, valuable service can help. Free products can make consumers happy, but a plastic cup may not provide sufficient value to a wandering consumer.

Imagine the publicity you will get from a dozen or fifty people simultaneously streaming video from your location. Customers can provide real-time feedback on your social media, and tag you positively. Your presence can gain national and international awareness.

If you are planning to impress people at trade shows and other special events, you’ll need to have high-speed Wi-Fi on the spot. This is where we at QXC can help. Temporary Internet services for events are a significant portion of our specialties.

Temporary Wi-Fi for Large Events

Our Wi-Fi network access can assist at all short term social gatherings and trade show events. This will give your attendees the chance to not only keep in touch with their own companies but also to give media exposure to your business.

QXC has the history and experience to help with your event. We have previously hosted temporary Wi-Fi at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show and the Beach Music Festival. Our crowds have been large, and happy.

What makes us better than other competitors? Our backhaul security. The backhaul is what connects wireless cell towers to the established Internet base. That way you won’t face an Internet outage, because our tech team is always on the case and monitoring the Wi-Fi.

We take pride in making sure that our backhauls are reliable and can fit a reasonable carrying capacity. In the worst-case scenario, we have network backups called hot spares.

QXC specializes in fiber-optic Internet, which can provide the most secure connection. We compress data so that it can travel faster. In addition, we can set up quickly.

Collect Pertinent Data On Your Clients Providing Internet For Outdoor Event

Another reason to use our Wi-Fi solutions is that at QXC, we can help you gather information to your clients. When they sign-in to use the temporary Wi-Fi with high-speed internet, they have the option to opt-in and volunteer any email addresses and such.

We then store that confidentially to prevent potential hacking and will work with you to analyze the data. You can make informed decisions about future marketing plans based on the statistics. Our cloud server is quite secure and will assist with helping you with analytics.

Mind that QXC also follows the law. We only collect data with the users’ permission. Even so, we can learn a lot from information willingly provided, and track how many invitees who RSVPed have attended the event.

Keep Your Potential Customers And Staff Connected

Our competitive advantage lies with our detailed fiber optic management. We have experience working in areas where dozens of users take advantage of the local network. Thus, we know how to avoid online slowdowns and customize for individual clients.

In fact, one of our first blogs was about Wi-Fi for temporary events. Our tech team can provide all the details you need on what SSID you need, as well as how to set up hardlines and access points. We recommend you use our service when you want 5G or an even stronger connection.

Once you know the range for your Wi-Fi, and who will be using it, we can move forward accordingly. Your staff will need secure passwords to use their private system, while customers will need to opt-in to use the network and freely access it. Decide if you want customers to watch an ad for your company, or provide an email address.

We offer Internet service with no data caps and no data limit of any kind. No need to fret if people’s phones, tablets or laptops are compatible. We only need to know the range that you need for your event, and how much area should be covered. Simply plug into our provided access point and give your attendees the chance to promote your event to the world.

Get In Touch For A Quote

We deliver fast Internet service with unlimited data. Our Internet plan can provide you with 100 Mbps of speed, and more than 5G quality. Use any online feature for your display, and post all the ads you would like to promote your business.

Feel free to contact us at any time. Our customer service will assist on a 24/7 basis to answer all of your questions, comments, and concerns.